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CCTV Camera For Office: Benefits And Best Placements

When it comes to video surveillance in our society, it’s a topic that sparks a lot of debate regarding privacy concerns. But for businesses, the importance of surveillance cannot be overlooked. After all, keeping your employees and property safe is a top priority, especially in today’s world.

Last year, it’s sad to know that more than $12 million worth of office property was reported stolen. What’s even more surprising is that many of the businesses that experienced theft had security cameras in place.

However, improper placement of these CCTV cameras made it difficult for the police to identify the burglars. That’s why business owners must invest in well-placed commercial surveillance systems. With the right cameras in place, you can better protect your property, identify intruders, and even recover stolen items.

Best Locations for The Placement of CCTV Cameras:

If you are confused about where to put the CCTV cameras, here are some best suggestions for optimal placement locations.

1. Parking Lots

Surveillance cameras are an effective way to monitor open spaces, such as parking lots. To ensure maximum situational awareness in case of an event, it’s important to adjust the field of view. Combining these cameras with license plate recognition can provide added security and help monitor access to your properties or business.

2. Loading Docks

By utilizing floodlight cameras, businesses can effectively secure one of the most frequently trafficked entry points. This not only enhances the safety of employees during the loading and unloading processes but also safeguards the company in the event of any workplace injury claims.

3. Break Rooms and Employee Lounges

Break rooms are important areas in a workplace where employees often gather. These areas may also be prone to conflicts or harassment. Using a discreet option like a clock camera or pinhole camera can help provide evidence without causing any problems among employees.

4. Office Supply Rooms

In any organization, even small expenses such as stationery items can accumulate and cause significant losses over time. As businesses expand, this problem becomes more complex. However, the use of 360-degree overhead cameras can offer an effective solution for monitoring the utilization and security of valuable equipment.

In addition, it can also ensure that office supplies remain on the premises. The cameras can be an indispensable tool in helping businesses manage their resources effectively. And minimize losses due to theft or misplacement.

5. Reception Desks

Reception desks are also good places for surveillance cameras. In such areas, these cameras can provide clear and high-quality footage of anyone passing by the property. Hence, opting for a CCTV camera in such locations can prove to be quite effective in minimizing the chances of theft. Moreover, there are also minimum chances for the cameras to get noticed in this area.

6. Dumpsters

Due to dumpsters being usually far away from the main building, these areas are frequently missed by security systems. This makes them the ideal location for staff members or thieves to steal things. So, while thinking about installing CCTV cameras in your office premises, think about the dumpsters first.

CCTV Cameras

Benefits of Installing CCTV Cameras in Your Workplace

Here are some of the main reasons why you need to install CCTV cameras around your office or workplace:

1. Resolve Internal Business Disputes

Irrespective of the size of your workplace, you will have to face disputes among your staff. In such cases, the higher authority should have solid proof to make an unbiased decision and figure out what went wrong.

All these issues can be resolved in no time with the help of the footage provided by a surveillance camera. Hence, making these small devices a necessity in your office premises.

2. Improve Your Customer’s Experience

Although it may seem unconventional, strategically installing CCTV cameras throughout your retail environment can benefit your customers by enabling closer observation of their behaviors. This valuable insight can then be leveraged to enhance the overall shopping experience.

Customers tend to feel more valued and secure when they spot CCTV installations in their surroundings. You can also optimize your product placement strategies based on the behavior captured on-screen.

3. Better Employee Productivity

If you are a business owner, you are likely always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of your employees. One useful tool for achieving this is CCTV surveillance. Studies have shown that employees tend to be more productive when they know they are being monitored by security cameras.

In addition to boosting productivity, electronic surveillance can also free up your floor manager’s time by reducing the need to constantly monitor employees in person. This allows them to focus on more important aspects of their job and improve overall efficiency in the workplace.

4. Prevent and Reduce Chances of Theft

Installing CCTV cameras at strategic locations within a business’ operating area can potentially prevent incidents of vandalism, break-ins, and other serious crimes. As per a recent retail study, many small businesses lose close to $50k in a year due to such factors, especially in high-crime areas.

With over 275 million reports of business thefts worldwide, it is essential to consider installing a CCTV monitoring system. Many non-retail businesses face theft, including company property theft and intellectual property theft. In many cases, employees are responsible for this kind of theft.

To prevent such incidents, CCTV cameras can be strategically placed in different locations. This can help deter employees from carrying out their plans and contribute to a safer work environment.

Wrapping Up

The benefits of CCTV cameras are not just restricted to office security. By monitoring the footage, you can gain valuable insights into the busiest times of the day, which can help you optimize your business operations and increase efficiency.

Additionally, having surveillance of your office premises can enable you to ensure that your employees are adhering to professional standards and maintaining a productive work environment. Overall, CCTV cameras can be a valuable tool for any business owner looking to improve their company’s performance and maintain a safe and secure environment. Please do not hesitate if you have any query call us at (02) 8755 2621 or contact us today!

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