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Full Range of Electrical Services Across Sydney

Service plans, Preventive Maintenance & Strata Management

Sydney Electrical Service specialise in preventative maintenance. This process involves a thorough test of the entire electrical system including all power points, switches, meter box, sub-board/ fuse box, and service connections.
We ensure that your personal safety and assets are always protected by preventing and identifying any faults in their early stages.

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Level 2 Service Connections

In New South Wales, some Electrical Supply authorities are not licensed to engage with electrical works associated with consumer connections to the electricity network which are classed as contestable works. Contestable works can be performed only through an accredited level 2 service provider who is authorised by the Department of Industry and Investment. Sydney Electrical Service is an authorised Level 2 Service Provider specialising in the supply of electricity from the energy authority network to your property. We provide swift, professional and cost-effective Level 2 Electrical services across all Sydney suburbs.

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Safety Switches

Safety switches are an inexpensive and simple way to protect your family against electric shock. Many deaths and injuries could be prevented each year if safety switches were installed in all homes. Safety switches can only be installed by a qualified electrician. Sydney Electrical Services provides local electricians that specialise in supply and installation of safety switches to protect your home and/or business. Contact us today to enquire about safety switches in your home and/or business. 

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24 Hour Emergency Electrician

Sydney Electrical Service is here to assist you with all your electrical needs 24 hours, 7 days. Our professional emergency service department operates 24/7 at very reasonable prices. We try to ensure that all electrical faults are repaired within a few hours on the spot arrival. We always maintain fully stocked vans for minimum downtime as we value your time and we strive to save you money.

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Smoke Alarms

What’s your defense against a house fire?
Sydney Electrical Service specialise in the installation of new smoke alarms, and will advise on the number of alarms required and where they should be positioned to be the most effective in your home or business.

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Sydney Electrical Service specialise in securing your home and/or business effectively. Safety and security is a vital resource to ensure our daily operations run without interruption. Our technicians specialise in the installation and the service of security products such as burglar alarms, CCTV systems, intercoms and access control.

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