Level2 Service Provider

In New South Wales, some Electrical Supply authorities are not engaged with electrical works associated with consumer connections to the electricity network and are classed as contestable works. Contestable works can be performed by the local distributor or a level 2 service provider who is accredited by the department of industry and investment besides that authorized by the Electrical Supply Authority.

Our service as a level 2 service provider:

  • Install or remove private power poles and underground pillars/ pits.
  • Repair or replace damaged assets with new, also Rectify outstanding defect notices issued by the Supply Authority including the preparation of all paper work.
  • Install overhead or underground services to businesses and homes. Replace services fuses and repair the point of attachments.
  • Upgrade existing service from one to three phases including the required meters installations, commission and preparing all paper work.
  • Disconnect premises from the network for minor repairs or permanent disconnection for building demolition.


Our accreditation from the department of Trade & Investment supported by the authorisation from the supply authorities allow Sydney Electrical Service to perform the above types of contestable works.

Only accredited electricians are authorised to do any of the above work.

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