Safety switches are a legal requirement

Installing a safety switch in new or existing homes is now a legal requirement. If you are not sure if your home has a safety switch, you can check by looking for a test/reset button on your

switchboard. It is compulsory for home owners nowadays that all homes be fitted with at least one safety switch, and once are installed they should be tested every six months.


Providing a safe environment in our homes is always a top priority. Safety switches are an inexpensive and simple way to protect your family against electric shock. Many deaths and injuries could be prevented each year if safety switches were installed in all homes.

Safety switches can only be installed by a qualified electrician. Contact Sydney Electrical services local electricians for more information on supply and installation of safety switches in your home or business today.

How and when a safety switch will shut off power?

Safety switches work by detecting small differences in current through electrical wiring, indicating that electricity is leaking to earth. The safety switch then shuts off the electricity supply in a fraction of a second preventing potentially fatal electric shock

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