Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations for Sydney

With the rising popularity of electric cars across Australia, the demand for readily available, efficient, and reliable electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in Sydney is higher than ever.
Whether you are already the proud owner of an electric vehicle, about to purchase an electric vehicle, or you wish to attract customers to your commercial site with an EV charging station – Sydney Electrical Service provides a range of services to help you get setup and going.
From design and supply to installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting, you can count on Sydney Electrical Service to guide you each step of the way, and give you the valuable insight you need to take full advantage of your EV charging solution.

For all questions and enquiries about charging stations in Sydney, call 0433 462 902 today.

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    Electric Vehicle Charging Services

    Our qualified technicians have years of experience in the supply, installation, and maintenance of all types of EV charging stations.
    By drawing from their in-depth knowledge and product expertise, they will help you choose a charging station that suits your particular needs. They will also advise you on how to use and care for your charging station to ensure it provides long lasting performance, convenience, and reliability.
    And, if you have any questions or concerns, you can relax knowing a Sydney Electrical Service electrician is just one phone call away – ready to make you feel at ease.
    Below is a simple breakdown of the services we offer to our valued customers:


    • Design: Every property is unique. Every electric vehicle is unique. By taking the time to assess your property and your unique energy requirements, our electrician will propose a custom solution for you at the best possible price. Not only will they help you choose the best product and location, but also give you an estimate on what the average running costs will be. So you can determine with utmost accuracy whether an electric charging station is right for you.
    • Installation: On a suitable day and time, your electrician will arrive on time to supply and install your new charging station. As a team of fully qualified electricians, you can rest easy knowing your charging station will be installed correctly the first time, every time – with minimal fuss to the premise.
    • Maintenance/Emergency Repairs: To keep your electric charging station in pristine condition, Sydney Electrical Service will offer a routine maintenance at an affordable cost. Fortunately, there stations require very little maintenance. And, in the unlikely event of a sudden breakdown, our local electricians are available 24/7 to get you out of any jam.

    For all enquiries about electric vehicle charging stations in Sydney, call us today on 0433 462 902.

    How to Choose the Right EV Charging Station

    If you’re new to purchasing an electric charging station, the wide range of products on offer can be a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, Sydney Electrical Service is here to help you make the choice a bit easier for you.
    If your home has one electric vehicle, then a single EV charging station – either a universal socket system, or one suited to the make and model of your car – with a tethered cord should suffice.
    However, for commercial applications, a universal socket system – one that allows users to bring their own cord to charge their vehicle – is an ideal solution. Sydney Electrical Service also supply and install portable EV charging stations across Sydney and the surrounding suburbs.
    Here is a simple breakdown of the different types of charging stations available to you:


    Level 1 Charger:   Most suited for owners of PHEVS (Petrol-hybrid electric vehicles) and those on a budget. Level 1 chargers usually provide enough charge for people who drive over 40KMS per day. They are most ideal for people who drive no more than 4000 KMS per week. Although a great entry level product, Level 1 chargers are not guaranteed to meet the future needs of electric vehicles.

    Level 2 Charger:  Level 2 chargers are the most recommended type of charger for homes. They offer a wide range of charging speeds (all the way up to 22 kilowatts) with the ability to provide 140km range per hour of charging. As a result, Level 2 chargers offer significantly faster charge times and better safety due to the use of dedicated wiring.

    In most cases, you do not have to upgrade your existing panel or electrical service to operate a Level 2 charger.

    Level 3 Charger:  Level 3 chargers are the most powerful yet expensive charging station to install and operate. They are best suited for commercial applications such as petrol stations, carparks, motorways, and street side areas. With lightning-fast charging speeds they can provide 70km of driving range for every 10 minutes of charging.

    Why Choose Sydney Electrical Service

    • Fully qualified and insured electricians
    • Flexible domestic and commercial EV charging systems in Sydney to suit your unique energy needs
    • < Suitable for leading electric vehicle brands – Tesla, Nissan, BMW, Holden and more
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Professional ongoing maintenance and advice to ensure long lasting reliable performance
    • 24/7 emergency repairs
    • Proudly servicing Sydney and surrounding suburbs
    • Flexible payment options – we accept all major cards
    • Workmanship guarantee for all EV charging station services

    Discover the Benefits of an EV Charging Station Today

    Ready to become part of the electric vehicle revolution? Now is a better time than ever to be prepared for now and the future.
    To request a FREE, no-obligation quote for your own EV charging station in Sydney, call us today on 0433 462 902. Or send your online enquiry. One of our friendly electricians will be happy to discuss your EV charging needs and give you an honest price estimate.

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