Our highly experienced Sydney emergency Level 2 electricians are here to advise you on issues relating to switchboard upgrades, especially when an asbestos panel inside the switchboard is present.

What is a Switchboard?

The switchboard is a device that distributes electricity from a central hub to many smaller regions of use.

The distribution takes place through a network of cables originating from the sub-board. It terminates at electrical appliances, such as lights, power points, oven, hot water system, and air-conditioning units.

According to A.S. 3000, the route of the electrical network (cables) must be protected by magnetic circuit breakers and safety switches.

The safety switch prevents humans from getting electrocuted. The circuit breaker role is to protect electrical cables from being overloaded and causing a fire.

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When is a Switchboard Upgrade Required?

New switchboards can save you money on insurance premiums. Some insurance underwriters give discounts on insured premises with an upgraded switchboard because it minimises the risk of fire.

Some insurance underwriters decline insurance coverage due to an outdated switchboard. Also, they may deny approval of damage claims caused by fire and related to an obsolete switchboard.

Some of the main reasons you might need to upgrade your switchboard, including:

  • To lower the risk of fire and shock because newer switchboards have built-in safety switches
  • If your switchboard is older, the chances are higher that it will overload with new-age appliances
  • Older styles are most likely not compliant with current regulations and often not conducive to using new smart meters
  • If you are switching to solar power options, some systems require a newer switchboard to functionfirst.
  • Older properties used porcelain fuses to protect against fire. However, they don’t protect humans from electrical leakages.

The porcelain fuse has a wire made of bimetal which melts when the current-carrying capacity exceeds the rating of the fuse’s wire.

When the fuse wire melts, it shuts off the power. In some scenarios, the porcelain fuse becomes a fire-prone zone. This is especially true when the wrong wire rating is installed inside the fuse to replace the power. We maintain a fully stocked van with the most trusted parts and brands and provide a free switchboard check-up with any electrical job. Switchboards done by us are also backed up by a ten-year warranty on parts and a lifetime warranty on labour.

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