Are you a tradie or a homeowner looking to get an electricity pole fast? Sydney Electrical Service can help deliver this on time and on budget. We even can help with a permanent installation after your temporary power needs.

What is temporary building electricity supply?

When new construction takes place, arrangements should be made to allow the electricity connection and supply for the development period of a building site.

Temporary builder’s supply is not an approved permanent electricity supply. It is usually installed to allow the development of a site or other short term uses.

This can be achieved by Sydney Emergency level 2 electrician, known as (ASP) Authorised level 2 service provider.

There are procedures to be followed to obtain consent to connect from the grid to the private pole to be used as a temporary building supply.

How to Apply for Temporary Building Supply

Part of the procedures include: 

  • A customer has to open an electricity account and ask for an NMI number
  • An Authorised level 2 service provider should submit an application, obtain a job number and a letter confirming consent to connect
  • After getting approval to connect, a level 2 electrician should provide electricity supply from the grid to the private pole
  • Erecting a pole, installing the meter box with all the protection equipment and either arrange or install an electricity meter
  • Submit documents required by the supply authority and hand over the job to the client after confirming all safety tests are adhered to and implemented.

Types of Temporary Building Supply

Overhead temporary power supply is a direct electrical connection between the supply authority pole to the private pole. It can be either a single-phase or a 3-phase connection. 

Underground temporary building supply is an electricity connection that originates from the underground pillar and ends in a meter box raised above the ground by a minimum of 13oomm above ground level. 

Overhead, underground temporary building supply is partially overhead and then becomes underground direct to the meter box. This is an ideal connection if you are concerned about the appearance of the power cables. It also minimises accidental traffic damage or falling trees above power lines. It is ideal for converting to a permanent electricity supply after a building project is completed.

Sydney Level 2 Electricians will supply and install a temporary power supply to all Sydney suburbs. Our temporary building supply level 2 electrician/installers cover the following areas:

  • Inner West Sydney
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • Hills District
  • St George and surrounding suburbs
  • Campbelltown and surrounding suburbs
  • Parramatta  and surrounding suburbs
  • Sydney South
  • North Sydney
  • North Shore suburbs
  • Western Sydney

At Sydney Electrical Service, we are experienced Level 2 service providers (ASP). We offer temporary Building Supply solutions to owner-builder projects or developers and builders with short notice and within budget.

We can handle the job at all stages from submitting the required forms to the electricity supply stage for all building sites, including domestic, commercial, and industrial.

After finishing construction of your project, contact us at (02) 8755 2621 at Sydney electrical service.

Our team of expert-level 2 electricians or (ASP) authorized level 2 service providers have the experience and capacity to convert the temporary connection to a permanent electricity supply and obtain the approval from the supply authority.

Why Choose Sydney Electrical Service

  • Fully qualified electricians
  • Covered by public liability and professional indemnity insurance
  • Proudly servicing Sydney and surrounding suburbs
  • Flexible payment options – we accept all major cards
  • We leave the area as clean as we found it
  • All services carried out in compliance with Australian Standard AS 3786-1993
  • Workmanship guarantee for your total satisfaction

Contact us to assess your individual needs free of charge, and we’ll provide you with the option that is best suited to your situation. We are available 24/7.



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