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    The Preferred Level 2 Electrician Sydney

    To begin, Sydney Electrical Service is accredited by the NSW Department of Planning, we specialise in the supply of electricity from the energy authority network to your property. Incidentally, our emergency department employs authorised level 2 electrician Sydney service providers operating in Sydney. We strive to act quickly, professionally, and cost-effectively to all our customers.

    Furthermore, In New South Wales, some electrical supply authorities are not engaged with electrical works associated with consumer connections to the electricity network and are classed as contestable works. However, any contestable works can only be performed by an authorised level two service provider who is accredited by the department of industry and the Electrical Supply Authority such as Ausgrid or Endeavour Energy. As a result, we are authorised to carry contestable work on most major local energy supply networks.

    Level 2 Electrician Sydney

    In short, our team is a level 2 service provider all across the entire Sydney region. We pride ourselves in working to extremely high standards and with a professionalism that allows you, the client, to enjoy complete peace of mind.

    Level 2 Electrician Sydney

    You can be assured that your installation is in our capable hands and you can focus your own time and resources on the rest of your project. Moreover, our highly qualified staff have all the relevant experience, training, licences, and insurances and are authorised to work on the network.


    As a result, this enables our professional Level 2 Electrician team, who are all certified, to provide a superior experience to all of our customers.

    Professionally Authorised Contractors

    Our accreditation from the Department of Trade & Investment supported by the authorisation from the supply authorities allow Sydney Electrical Service to perform the following types of Level 2 Electrical Works:

    •   First, Disconnection / Reconnection at point of attachment
    •   Second, Underground service lines
    •   Third, Overhead Mains at Power Lines
    •   Lastly, Metering and energising new installations

    In addition, our qualified Level 2 electrical contractors can assist in overhead repairs, underground supplies, temporary supply, builders’ poles, or any live electrical work.


    electrician level 2

    •  New underground work
    •  Upgrade from single phase to three-phase
    •  Temporary Building Supply
    •  UGOH- underground service to overhead
    •  Three-Phase Upgrades
    •  Metering
    •  Defect Repairs

    •  Installation of solar meters
    •  Disconnects / Reconnects
    •  Off-peak meters for hot water system
    •  Switchboard Upgrades
    •  New meters for new connection
    •  Three phase and single phase meters
    •  Separation of supply metering

    Moreover, Sydney Electrical Service is fully dedicated to serving all customer types, including, but not limited to:

    • Civil contractors,
    • Homeowners,
    • Builders,
    • Small and large electrical contractors,
    • Solar installation companies

    electrician level 2

    Our specialty work as a level 2 electrician ASP (Accredited Service Provider):

    • Install or remove private power poles and underground pillars/ pits.
    • Repair or replace damaged assets with new.
    • Rectify outstanding defect notices issued by the Supply Authority.
    • Install overhead or underground services to businesses and homes.
    • Coupled with, replace services fuses and repair the point of attachments.
    • Upgrading existing service from one to three phases including the required meters installations, commission and preparing all paper work.
    •  Disconnect premises from the network for minor repairs or permanent disconnection for building demolition.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Sydney Electrical Service is authorised level 2 electrician known as authorised service provider (ASP) Sydney electrical services can attend any work needed day or night time.

    To become a Level 2 Electrician below are the steps:

    Firstly, you have to be a qualified licensed electrician or hold qualified supervisor certificate endorsed as an electrical contractor from fair trading NSW.

    Secondly, authorisation should be obtained from the network owner also known as the supply authority at Sydney there are two supply authorities i.e. Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy.

    Pre-authorisation the ASP should obtain Accreditation from the department of services and energy after attending the required learning courses from a registered training organisation such as TAFE.

    Authorised Service Provider or ASP Level 2 Electrician Sydney professional is licenced and trained significantly more than a normal electrician to provide extensive installation, repairs and maintenance needed on the electricity network, between the street and the premises.

    A Sydney level 2 Electrician is an accredited authorised licenced and trained to provide extensive installation, repairs and maintenance needed between the street and the premises.

    Below are the different categories for Level 2 Electricians (ASP), not all Level 2 Electricians (ASP) are endorsed for all categories.

    •  Overhead service installations: Installations / repairs of an overhead service line that connects, domestic, commercial and industrial premises either existing or newly subdivided to the electricity network. (Category 3)
    • Underground service installations: Installations / repairs of underground service line originates from pillar or substation that connects domestic, commercial and industrial premises to the electricity network (Category 2).
    • Disconnect and reconnect electricity at the point of attachment located near the facia board at the premises. (Category 1)
    • Installation and activation of an electricity standard, solar, off peak metering equipment at domestic commercial and industrial premises (Category 4).
    • Prepare required documents to obtain consent to connect electricity from the supply authority network.
    •  Arrange documentation to prepare disconnection of power for buildings before demolishing.
    • Provide temporary electricity supplies to building sites.
    • Install metering for newly constructed buildings.
    • Clear defect notices after arranging the required repairs according to the NSW service rules and the supply authority safety rules.
    • Upgrade service lines to increase electricity supply.
    • Upgrade metering equipment from single phase to three phase.
    • Act on behalf of the client to liaise with authorities in matters related to electricity supply.
    • Disconnect and reconnect electricity supply from pillar or substation to the premises.
    • Implement safety tests and audits to investigate earthing and installation integrity to prevent electrocution and fire hazards.
    • Repair flickering and dimming lights.

    Contact us to arrange a level 2 electrician Sydney to assist you today.

    Rates charged by Emergency Level 2 Electricians are slightly higher than normal because:

    • An ASP carries Safety tools that have expiry dates.
    • Require annual refresher training to comply with the current safety rules.
    • Pay audit fees to the supply authority for every job completed.
    • Hold individual Licenses for each supply authority.
    • Public liability insurance to cover the supply authority electricity network and assets.

    At Sydney Electrical Service, Level 2 Electricians adhere to offer clients 5-star work with minimum downtime at a very reasonable price. Each individual job has a unique price depending on many factors.

    i.e. Disconnect and Reconnect which holds an estimated cost of $350.

    For further information regarding prices, you can consult with one of our Level 2 Service providers or Level 2 Electricians at Sydney Electrical Service. Our phone number 0433 462 902 is live 24/7 for emergency electricians and Level 2 electrical services.

    Electrical sub-board is the central hub of the premises. It requires regular maintenance in order to keep functioning as a protection watchdog device in case any danger arises. There are no requirements for a permit to upgrade the electrical sub-board. In Fact the Supply authority and insurance providers encourage premises owners to upgrade the sub-board to comply with current standard because this will lead to minimise the risk of fire and danger.

    Contact us to arrange a level 2 electrician near me to assist you today.

    Defect notice can be issued by the supply authority Ausgrid or Endeavour Energy in Sydney suburbs at different circumstances. Example and scenarios, to possibly receive defect notice.

    • Noncompliance installations defect notice: present hazards to premises’ occupants and possible putting electricity network in danger. The defective installations at your premises could affect neighbouring premises on the same street without your knowledge.
    • Private pole defect notice: will be issued in case rotten timber pole or corroded galvanised pole that is likely to collapse causing danger to strain the supply authority network and cause damage to the premises.
    • Point of attachment defect notice: POA should be readily accessible. In case too low that could cause a hazard. Another case is when UV is affected and deteriorated cables inside old Bakelite junction boxes. In some situations, this could lead to property damage/fire especially in wet conditions.

    There are so many other different reasons to be listed that possibly lead to an issuing of a defect notice. For further information if you receive a defect notice you can consult with one of our Level 2 Electricians at Sydney Electrical Service our number is live 24/7 for emergency work needed.

    You can receive immediate help by dialing 0433 462 902.

    Our L2 ASP’s are all licensed and trained to work on the electricity network from the point of supply at the street leading all the way to inside the premises including any private pole which midpoint between the private cable is attached to the network pole or pillar on the street.

    At Sydney Electrical Service, our people adhere to the supply authority safety rules implement all required safety tests to make sure 100% the repairs complies with the NSW service rules and Australian Standard AS3000 by doing this you could be certain that your premises are 100% safe we sustain our work by issuing a compliance certificate to any electrical work we perform that will lead to lower your home building insurance cost.

    Sydney Electrical Emergency Service maintains fully stocked vehicles that can restore power within a short time at a very reasonable cost.

    Sydney Electrical Service is authorised in all different categories related to Level 2 Electrician and can attend any emergency required, day or night time.

    If you are looking for a leading electrical service provider in Sydneycontact us to arrange a level 2 electrician to assist you today.

    Did You Know?

    We understand the importance of Electrical Emergencies thats why our dedicated team of professionals are here to assist you 24 hours a day.
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