There are a lot of connection issues that come to surface when hazardous electrical installations and when property changes causing line disconnections and reconnections arise. Sydney Electrical Services can help you with a professional point of attachment electrical service.

At Sydney Electrical service, we service all over Sydney including the North Shore, South Sydney, North Sydney, Parramatta City and Western suburbs from Blacktown to Penrith.

What is a Point of Attachment?

The point of attachment is the first point of electricity supply, where an overhead service cable connects to the

This connection is usually the midpoint that runs from the street’s network pole to a roof apex, private pole, or the

Simply put, it’s a midpoint junction box. The cables originating from this connection point (junction box) lead to
the 80 amps service fuses, called consumer mains, then to the retailer electricity meters inside the meter box.

Types of Point of Attachment

  • Older types of backlit junction box located on the fascia board
  • Service connectors
  • Point of attachment mounted on bracket or riser
  • Point of attachment secured by insulator porcelain cups

Point of Attachment Defects

In short underground electricity supply is like overhead electricity supply to transport electricity from the street
to the premises.

The point of attachment becomes faulty because of deterioration. Deterioration may seem like a minor problem.
However, it may create significant damage or death and fire if not acted on immediately. 

The possible dangers that may occur range from power outages to fires. Causes include arc and spark caused by a short
circuit between cables of different potentials.

This arc and spark can also be caused by sagging cables affected by strong winds blowing. Wind blowing sagging cables
could loosen cable connection integrity and cause serious human fatality if the neutral cables lost connection in 3
phase electricity supply.

When neutral connections become loose or disconnected at the point of attachment, all metal parts become live.

The fridge, the stove, the swimming pool, and even the taps can be affected. No wonder you experience tingles when

Another sign that neutral at the point of attachment is loose is lights that dim when power points are in use.

It is essential to understand the possible danger resulting from the point of attachment defects, especially in wet

Your safety is a priority for us. At Sydney Electrical Service we can arrange a free phone consultation with a level
2 electrician to discuss what precautions you should implement until they arrive and remove the hazard.

Why Choose Sydney Electrical Service

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  • Flexible payment options – we accept all major cards
  • We leave the area as clean as we found it
  • All services carried out in compliance with Australian Standard AS 3786-1993
  • Workmanship guarantee for your total satisfaction

If you experience any of the above, we will never leave you stranded. Call
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immediately, and we’ll have one of our 24-hour emergency level 2 electricians come to your
property within a short notice and replace the affected parts. We will then restore your power the same day.  



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