7 Absolute Essential Electrical Checks When Buying a House

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When venturing into the exciting process of buying a new home, it’s vital to scrutinize the aesthetic aspects and fundamental systems, like electricity. Ensuring a safe and compliant electrical setup in your potential new home is crucial to avoid future risks and expenses. Here are seven essential electrical checks to remember, focusing on Australian standards and practices.

Electrical Checks in the Switchboard

The electrical switchboard is the nerve center of a home’s electrical system. Ensure it’s in good condition, adequately organized, and free from visible damage or corrosion. Older homes might have outdated switchboards that need to meet the current electrical demands, necessitating an upgrade for safety and efficiency.

Check for Safety Switches and Earthing Protection

Safety switches are essential in protecting against electrical hazards. They detect any unusual electrical activity and cut off power instantly to prevent shocks. Ensure these switches are present and functional. Additionally, verify the earthing system of the house, which is crucial for avoiding electric shocks. Proper earthing ensures that any stray currents are safely grounded.

Examine the Wiring Condition

Outdated or deteriorating wiring is a significant risk and can lead to electrical fires. Look for signs of old wiring systems, such as knob-and-tube or fabric-insulated wires, and check that visible wires are intact without fraying. Consulting a professional electrician for a thorough evaluation is advisable.

Test Light Switches, Smoke Alarms, and Power Outlets

Operate all light switches and power outlets to ensure they are working correctly. Non-functional or faulty outlets may indicate underlying electrical issues. Outlets hot to the touch are a red flag and should be inspected by a professional.

An often overlooked but vital aspect of a home’s electrical safety is the presence and functionality of smoke alarms. Australia has specific regulations regarding smoke alarms, which are critical for early fire detection and ensuring the safety of occupants.

Understanding Smoke Alarm Regulations

In Australia, smoke alarms must be installed on every level of a home. It’s important to check that the property complies with Australian Electrical Standards and regulations. The alarms should be less than 10 years old and ideally interconnected, so if one alarm sounds, they all do.

Types of Smoke Alarms

There are two main types of smoke alarms: ionization and photoelectric. Photoelectric alarms are generally more effective in detecting smoldering fires, which are more common in homes. It’s advisable to check what type of smoke alarms are installed and whether they meet the current recommendations.

Testing and Maintenance

Ensure that all smoke alarms are tested for functionality. This can be done by pressing the ‘test’ button on each alarm. It’s also important to ask about the maintenance history of the alarms to ensure they have been regularly checked and batteries have been replaced as needed.

Evaluate the Lighting Adequacy

Proper lighting is essential for the functionality and ambiance of a home. Check that each room, including workspaces like the kitchen, has adequate lighting. Assess the need for additional lighting, such as oyster light installation or updates to existing fixtures.

Assess the Outdoor Electrical Setup

The outdoor electrical system is often overlooked. Inspect outdoor outlets, lighting, and power setups for garden areas or outbuildings. Outdoor outlets should have weatherproof covers and be equipped with safety switches for protection.

Opt for a Professional Electrical Inspection

For peace of mind and a thorough electrical check, hiring a licensed electrician to conduct in-depth electrical checks is wise. They can spot hidden issues, verify the earthing system, and advise on necessary repairs or upgrades.

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Conclusion: Making Electrical Safety a Priority in Your New Home

Ensuring your new home’s electrical safety and compliance is a critical step in the home-buying process. By conducting these electrical checks, mainly focusing on the switchboard, safety switches, and earthing protection, you can rest assured that your home is aesthetically pleasing, electrically sound, and safe.

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