What are some green ways that you can keep your home cool in the summer?

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For a lot of people when the summer months come by it is a great time of exploring the outdoors, walks on the beach, hanging out at the pool and all things outside. But sometimes the heat gets to a point where you need to stay cool and safe inside. But cooling your home with air-conditioning can become expensive, and it is not the most environmentally friendly option. If you are looking for some tips on keeping your home cooler in the summer that is also better for the planet here are some great ideas just for you.

Look at what you can do with your windows

Some things you can think about with your windows include;

  • Have double glazing to keep the heat out and keep the inside cooler
  • Use curtains with a white backing to reflect away some heat 
  • Double-hung windows are great to create a draft in the home when there is no breeze outside
  • Have external shutters or blinds to further keep out the heat and give the room more shade
  • Replace your windows with something energy-efficient as they have a special layered coating that does not let in as much UV light
  • Install an outside solar window screen designed to block out the sun’s rays
  • Add special window films to your windows it helps with the heat and sun glare

Consider adding ceiling fans if you do not have them

Fans are not just about adding some ventilation all that is an important aspect of having them. Having moving air helps to evaporate the sweat on your skin which cools you down. They are a lot more green than air conditioning so you could find a balance between air-conditioning and a ceiling fan that saves energy and keeps you cool. 

When you are not in the room the fan should be turned off, there is no point in leaving them on in an unused room. You could reduce your energy use by as much as 40% during the summer! You can get them in all kinds of styles and types to suit your taste. Just remember that the more elaborate styled fans tend to lose some efficiency. When it comes to blades metal gets a stronger flow of air going but they use more power too.

Think about some passive techniques to keep the home cool

  • If you do not already know, white reflects light, and black absorbs. If you have a home that has white walls and a white roof, or at least a lighter shade, then that is going to help to some degree. With less heat getting in, you will not need to use other measures that waste energy.
  • Another option is to use solar chimneys or earth tubes
  • Led light bulbs do not get warm and generate heat 
  • Have good insulation, it is good to keep the house cooler in the summer as well as warmer in the winter
  • Fill in cracks in the walls and such

Plant some trees and larger greenery

Adding some trees to your garden is another step to help as they can grow to shade your home. It might take a little longer to see the benefits, but as well as keeping your home cooler, planting more trees is a good thing for the planet. Even small plants can help as the breeze moving through them can help move the humidity. It is a fact that plants help to cool an area down. You could even invest in some indoors too.

Think about when and how you do everyday things

  • Do as much of your cooking outside as you can
  • There is a reason why more people eat salads and sandwiches in the summer, less heat being generated
  • Choose to cook in the cooler hours in the evening
  • Hang your washing on a line rather than running your dryer
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