Tips on Preparing your Home to be Electrically Safe in the Winter

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When seasons change there can be new hazards to consider and prepare for in your home, especially when it comes to power. Storms can happen, and the cold has its effect on power lines and homes. Here are some tips a level 2 electrician might offer on being electrically safe come wintertime.

  1. Take care with your heaters – Space heaters are great to keep a room warm in winter but they are commonly the start of fires. If you are using one there are some steps to do so safely. Do not have it near a rug, curtains, or clothing, move it away from the wall and other belongings. If things feel hot around it, move it even further away. Unattended heaters are a risk so turn it off when you are not there.
  2. Be prepared for power outages – While a level 2 electrician near me might deal with some issues from power outages there are some things you can do to prepare for them. Have a kit ready and easy to access with some essentials like blankets, warm clothes, water, non-perishable foods, torches, first aid kit, candles, puzzle books, and a crank radio. Outages can vary in length from just a few hours to a few days so have a plan on how you will stay warm, or where you might go if it extends too long. Make sure your generator is ready if you have one. Just take care with candles and such that you do not start a fire, perhaps consider having LED candles.
  3. Properly prepare the electrics in your home – During seasons where storms are more likely and power outages are more likely, it is a good idea to prepare your electrics. A level 2 electrician could advise you if you have something, in particular, you are concerned about. Take care of things like exposed wires, water can get into all the crannies in your home and you do not want exposed wires coming into contact with that. Put in a home surge protector to protect things like TVs, computers and such. Always check the protectors on a somewhat regular basis to make sure they are working. Turn off everything of the power that goes out apart from one light.
  4. Stay away from damaged power lines – Damaged lines are dangerous and not something to mess with. Let the power company and level 2 electrician near me take care of that. Stay at least 3 meters away from fallen power lines and make sure everyone in the house knows the safety rules.


There are several measures you can take that will help protect your home and your belongings when there are power outages and when the weather turns. Just take care of things like open flames and such. Fires are a much higher risk during these times when people are trying to stay warm and to see and heat food without their electrical appliances. Make sure everyone in the home knows to stay safe.

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